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Coppin - 1 November 06:41

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Elmo - 27 October 23:01

Découvrez ou redécouvrez ce bar à champagne où nos hôtesses mettront du charme et de la volupté dans vos soirées.

Bryan - 15 June 11:10

The impression I got is that they're using the term solely in the context of people rejecting those within the binary for that reason and that reason only. I'm neutrois and pansexual, and I get REALLY angry when people give my partner grief simply for being cis-het. The arbitrary Fuck allies attitude needs to stop.

Jorge - 25 June 06:56

fuck asian girls yesssssss

Lyndsay - 16 January 15:27

Keep taking her to those parties.

Henrickson - 9 April 15:06

Her name is Madison Monroe

Kama - 9 March 15:59

I'm a trans woman and I completely understand and embrace the need for the term. It's a great way to clarify what I don't need that a bio-sex female does even though I am a girl and it really is inoffensive because it doesn't belittle the fact that trans women are still women, but still conveys that there are unavoidable differences. Like the fact that I have a penis. Referring to me as a girl isn't going to change that unfortunately, so bio-sex male is acceptable because it still applies.